DONALD JUDD / KAZIMIR MALEVICH - Publications - Galerie Gmurzynska

A fully illustrated publication produced by Galerie Gmurzynska exhibition which connected the two giants of the 20th century who pushed the ethos of abstraction for their respective generations, and both conceived an entire world of creation ranging from painting to academic writing, to architecture, porcelain and furniture design, among various other fields.


The exhibition curator, Flavin Judd wrote “The superficial similarities in the squares of Judd and Malevich are distanced when one understands the reasons behind them. For Malevich the abstraction of art, the forgetting of the figure was a way to move towards a future of mankind. For Malevich the abstraction of form and color was towards the biggest thing imaginable: a paradise of the infinite, power, and spirit.”


This publication features essays by Kazimir Malevich, Donald Judd, Flavin Judd, the artist's son and artistic director of Judd Foundation, and Dr. Evgenia Petrova, scientific director of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, as well as unpublished documentary images and all exhibited works.


Exhibition curated and catalogue edited by Flavin Judd.


Preface by Krystyna Gmurzynska and Mathias Rastorfer.

Text contributions by Flavin Judd and Dr. Evgenia Petrova.

Historical essay by curator Rudi Fuchs.

Writings by Kazimir Malevich and Donald Judd.


260 pages, over 70 color illustrations.

Hardcover, flip-catalogue.



ISBN: 978-3-905792-35-5