Joan Miró and the Environment

A conversation between Renat Heuberger (Co-Founder, South Pole) and Joan Punyet Miró (Artist, activist and grandson of Joan Miró)


Public event on the occasion of Zurich Art Weekend and the exhibition “Joan Miró: Paintings and Sculptures”


Paradeplatz 2, 8001 Zurich


Join us for a captivating 30-minute discussion bridging the worlds of art and environmentalism, guided by Renat Heuberger, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of South Pole and Joan Punyet Miró, artist and director of the Successió Miró. These thought leaders will explore how Joan Miró’s oeuvre inspires environmental stewardship and how Miró connects with contemporary ecological practices and innovations.



About the speakers


Renat Heuberger is a pioneer and social entrepreneur in the field of sustainability, climate change and renewable energies, where he is engaged since 1999. As a founding partner and CEO of South Pole, he coordinated the set-up of the company's global sustainability solutions business, and steered South Pole into becoming one of the leading players in global carbon markets. Before founding South Pole, Renat was co-founder and CEO of the myclimate foundation, one of the world's first players on the voluntary carbon markets.


Joan Punyet Miró is a distinguished art historian, curator, author, artist, and grandson of the renowned Spanish artist Joan Miró. With a deep passion for preserving and promoting his grandfather's legacy, he has organized numerous international exhibitions and authored many books on Miró's work. Joan Punyet Miró is dedicated to highlighting the intersection of art and environmentalism with his own artistic practice, poetry, Rock band and activism.